Experteer pricing models

With its exclusive job market and discrete recruiter network, Experteer is the premium career service in Germany and Europe. Choose between a basic and Premium membership for your next career step.

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Duration Price Saving

* incl. applicable VAT. There are no further costs.

Note: In order to allow you unrestricted use, the agreed term will be extended by the same period if not cancelled before its expiration. The agreed price reduction for the selected term applies once for the first period. For subsequent renewals, the basic price of the selected term applies. The termination at the end of the respective term can take place at any time in your account in the area "Your Premium Membership".

1 month 29.50 €
(29.50 € per month*)
3 Months 25.50 €
(76.50 € for 3 months*)
You save 14%
6 Months 16.50 €
(99.00 € for 6 months*)
You save 44%
12 Months 14.50 €
(174.00 € for 12 months*)
You save 51%
18 Months 12.50 €
(225.00 € for 18 months*)
You save 58%

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