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Head of Legal 

Location: nearby Stuttgart

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 1. Purpose of Position 

Our client, a worldwide leading player in the renewable energy business, is rethinking its German operations and structures with a new strategy for the next decade. To accomplish this significant shift, we have been asked to find the right person to fill the position Head of Legal. 


The renewable energy business is driven by national regulatory and performance excellence in a variety of disciplines: risks, tax, environmental aspects, and compliance. Due to the market dynamics and its growth potentials, but also the complexity of the projects, our client decided to adjust the country organization to gain more agility, increasing the speed of decision-making, and improve overall performance and transparency. 


The organization is profitable. The critical challenge will be to start in an environment with old structures and operations, beginning with around 30 Mio. EUR turnover and 30 employees and create a new holding structure including setting up a team and procedures that can achieve 150 Mio. EUR turnover with 400 people. The core management team has already developed a strategy to secure growth for the coming years. The Head of Legal will join the core management team to adjust (if necessary) and implement this road map with a particular focus on creating the holding for all relevant operations including legal process structure, legal performance guidelines, cost management for external legal services, risk-evaluations about existing and future projects and the reporting system of KPI's to enhance transparency to improve decision making. This position will be based in Germany, willingness to travel (25%).


2. Major Roles and Responsibilities

Strategy & Leadership: 


  • Setting up and managing a small team of specialists (contract management, real estate, litigation), supporting personal growth and quality of the organization. The legal department should be the in-house competence team for all relevant aspects of the business, service-minded, pro-active, and dealmaker competencies.


  • Implements legal standards for the business; Contract-Management, legal guidelines for more significant projects, and preparing all necessary agreements within the department. 


  • Sets up and takes care of the budget allocation for the legal activities for running the business in the next three years. 


  • Creates the structure and ensures legal compliance across the holding; primarily identifies, implements, and improves efficient systems to ensure compliance of high impact policies such as financial transactions, anti-bribery, and corruption.  


  • Advises the management team in legal negotiation such as real estate contracts/deals, mergers and acquisitions, tender bidding, and contract acquisitions.


  • Responsible for analyzing the existing contract portfolio in terms of risks in the business. Advises management to avoid those risks and creates proactive new contracts to improve the business. 


  • Position the legal department as an in-house service provider in setting up communication and service standards such as communicating to the management team continuous developments in law and regulations that potentially affect the business.


Execution & Operations: 


  • Handling all allegations of legal misconduct for the executive team. 


  • Provide legal advice to the managing directors on all legal matters affecting their subsidiaries.


  • Take care and be responsible for external legal advisors and lawyers where necessary, negotiate new contracts, make or buy decisions. 


  • Take care that the legal office is running effectively, and all relevant projects/tasks and essential transactions are known and well prepared. 


  • Advise all subsidiaries of the holding and take care that decision makers know you and will ask the legal department for support when needed. 


  • Immediately understand the most critical aspects of the business and set up procedures and standards to guide the company to improve the business. 


  • Design and implement a communication strategy for all subsidiaries to build and maintain a healthy relationship with senior managers so they understand the legal department as a gatekeeper for all operations. 


  • Lead the department with a hands-on approach, including “firefighting” existing projects and cases when necessary AND show an ability to transform the status quo on a higher level. 


3. Describe significant links to other parts of the organization. 


  • C-Level (status quo reports, legal excellence, sparring-partier, operational-strategic-guidance)


  • All Senior Managers (European-Team-Approach, People-Performance work hand-in-hand) 


  • Local MD's of regions (leads, guides, and wins local Managing Directors to improve processes)


  • Head of legal performance (be a "hands-on" Head of Legal)


  • Matrix-Structure (think global, act local, and ensure that all colleagues will follow) 


  • Group Legal Department based in Europe (not Germany) 


4. Skills and knowledge requirements:


  • Ph.D. preferred in Law


  • Minimum of five years working experience in a corporate legal capacity within a fast-paced, fast-evolving, and dynamic environment, preferably working as a Senior Lawyer. 


  • Demonstrable track-record producing practical and high-quality legal advice to departmental heads within a business.


  • Excellent communication skills in drafting high-value legal documentation, which must be clear, unambiguous, concise, and conclusive, leaving no room for misinterpretation or manipulation. Have a keen eye for details.


  • An analytical mindset to set priorities that align the strategic direction of the legal department and the overall business objectives.


  • Strong personality to negotiate on complex, high value contracts and agreements with senior management and potential partners. 


  • International openness, multicultural experience, leadership, and sound German and English language skills are needed. 



5. Core Questions you will be dealing with:


  • What risk does management not see at the moment but should be aware of? 


  • Where are the bottlenecks for growth from a legal point of view, and how can we solve them?


  • How much money do we need for legal activities in the next three, five years? 


  • What do we need to do from a legal point of view to shape the company and the business towards the champion's league? 




Ready to form the best legal department in the renewable energy sector? 


CALL Dirk Ohlmeier 01783138069

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