Traditional Chinese Speaking Game Tester (Remote work)

The Traditional Chinese Localization QA Tester will analyze in-game texts to validate grammar, syntax, spelling and proper location on a variety of different platforms to ensure compliance with all console and handheld manufacturers localized official terminologies. In addition, he/she will also review and perform exhaustive Traditional Chinese language tests to ensure text and audio respect the cultural aspects of a game's local edition remains in context and is consistent throughout.
The Traditional Chinese Localization QA Tester is responsible for testing, identifying, recording and suggesting fixes to potential bugs in video and computer games relating to language, implementation, user interface (UI) and compliance issues.
Please note: Some projects require testers to work in office. In order to be eligible for all temporarily remote projects, you must be located in Dublin or surrounding areas as specific equipment will be delivered to new employees.
* Verify linguistic accuracy in the Traditional Chinese version of the in-game text and check for typographical, grammatical and punctuation errors.
* Verify cosmetic integrity of in-game text and ensure that all text is correctly displayed.
* Verify the contextual consistency of in-game text.
* Assess cultural appropriateness and check politically sensitive content.
* Verify the correct implementation of the localized text.
* Ensure that the correct approved terminology is used throughout the game.
* Verify the correct functionality, within the localized version of the game.
* Verify testing results across all languages in test.
* Maintain high level of focus throughout the project.
* Identify, isolate, and document bugs clearly and concisely in a bug database.
* Run test-cases and checklists.
* Follow the documented processes at all stages of the testing process.
* Verify that bugs have been fixed and implemented correctly.
* File review/Correcting files: Proof-read and correct translations.
* Ensure that quality, accuracy and consistency is maintained throughout files/game/manual.
* Translation work: Occasionally provide Traditional Chinese in-house translations.
* Attend meetings with testing team, team lead and other interested parties, on a regular basis.
* Communicate through the appropriate channels.
* Provide daily status reports about the status of the project testing.
* Support lead by taking ownership of side tasks, such as daily report, bug vetting, coaching of new team members.
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