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    Established in 2020, we are a mid-sized fund with a small team and a good track record. The North America Power and Gas Analyst/Trader role presents an opportunity to be an important part of the team, supporting and learning directly from Portfolio Managers with a proven track record.


    • Your primary responsibilities will be trading execution, trading operations process and administration. Additionally, you will have some responsibility for analytics and must have experience in excel, writing code (using R and/or Python), automation and developing databases.
    • Trading operations - deal entry, daily PnL reconciliations, producing daily risk and positions.
    • Trading execution - trading based on instructions from Portfolio Managers and/or pre-defined scenarios/signals/events. Working orders at various price levels, managing option expirations, monitoring market levels and relevant fundamental information and providing succinct periodic updates of market developments to Portfolio Managers.
    • Trading compliance - ensuring all positions are in compliance at all times.
    • Fund and business administration - Monthly NAV and business accounting and reconciliation to internal systems. Communicating with Fund administrators and accountants.
    • Processes - you will be responsible for running a number of trading, analysis and risk management processes end to end on a daily basis.
    • Analysis - maintain and update proprietary models. Able to build and automate new models and/or signals if required. You are able to work with large data sets and set-up/manage databases.


    • You must have had at least 2-years' experience in North American Natural Gas and Power markets.
    • Bachelor's degree or equivalent. Suits engineering, computer science, business degree graduate background.
    • You must have had experience in working remotely and be able to provide specific example of delivering on deadlines without supervision.
    • You must be available to travel for 8-10 weeks per annum. This travel will mostly be to meet with, and learn from, Portfolio Managers and other employees.
    • You must be able to collate, synthesise and interpret information quickly, under pressure.
    • You must be highly proficient in Microsoft excel. Coding experience is preferred also (R and Python). You also must have experience in automation of processes.
    • Soft skills:
      • You can think for yourself.
      • You are analytically minded/ able to describe your mental and decision mapping logic.
      • You have extraordinary attention to detail.
      • You have a strong work ethic.
      • You have excellent communication and written skills.
      • You have proven you can deliver on deadlines.
      • You have proven you can work autonomously.


    Startup environment
    Growing team and full exposure

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