CSQA Specialist - focus on CSV Automation

CSQA Specialist - with a 6-month introductory training

Step into the realm of futuristic vaccine packaging where innovation meets automation, and join us on the journey towards Industry 4.0. Embrace a world where paper is obsolete and automation reigns supreme.

As a CSV Automation Specialist nestled within our esteemed Quality department, your role transcends traditional boundaries. You are the architect of quality perfection, shaping and refining the very essence of CSV automation projects within our production domain.

In your quest for excellence, you'll orchestrate a symphony of collaboration among production, engineering, automation, and IT luminaries. Together, you'll fine-tune systems and processes, ensuring they operate seamlessly like a well-oiled machine.

Your journey includes:

  • Championing the IT validation of automated systems, seamlessly integrating them with existing automation ecosystems.
  • Serving as the nexus of expertise for departments ranging from Automation to IT, crafting ingenious solutions for CSV conundrums.
  • Crafting, implementing, and scrutinizing validation documents with meticulous precision, ensuring every 'i' is dotted and 't' crossed.
  • Safeguarding the sanctity of data integrity through vigilant audit trail reviews and meticulous SOP scrutiny.
  • Embarking on expeditions of deviation analysis, uncovering root causes, and guiding corrective actions like a seasoned explorer.
  • Supporting the birth of production, SCADA, and IT systems, nurturing them into compliance with cGMP standards.

Your arsenal:

  • A degree in engineering, computer science, or the natural sciences, paired with a treasure trove of experience in automation.
  • Proficiency in the arcane arts of MES PAS-X, Inmation SAIL, Historian IP.21, LMS, and SCADA systems.
  • A scholar of pharmaceutical lore, fluent in the tongues of EU GMP Guideline Annex 11, ICH Q, 21 CFR-Part 11, and GAMP 5.
  • A Sherlockian knack for unraveling process puzzles, coupled with a flair for interdepartmental communication.
  • A linguistic virtuoso, fluent in both the melodic tones of German and the lyrical rhythms of English.

Rewards await those who dare to tread this path:

  • A trove of knowledge awaits, with a structured plan for personal growth and development from day one.
  • Join the ranks of a steadfast titan in the global arena, where stability and growth are the guiding stars.
  • Enrich your vitae with a mark of distinction from a renowned institution, opening doors to realms unknown.
  • Bask in the warmth of an inclusive sanctuary, where quality reigns supreme over profit.
  • Experience a workplace where innovation and collaboration thrive, forging bonds that transcend boundaries.
  • Conquer with ease, with travel allowances and subsidized feasts in our corporate halls.
  • Plot your course towards the horizon with deferred compensation options, securing your future.
  • Delight in the spoils of employment, with discounts, stock options, and referral bonuses to savor.
  • Join a global fellowship dedicated to well-being, with access to programs and facilities that nurture mind, body, and soul.

Could this be something for you? Express your interest, or ask any questions you have, easily via your contact partner:

Email: A.Grogan@nonstop-recruitment.com
Phone: +49 892 109 3363
Internal Extension: 3124

For a confidential discussion about this role, or if you have any questions, Your contact person is Andreas Grogan. See details above
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