Key Account Manager Modern Trade - Food Category

  • Strong partnerships with Modern Trade Key Clients|Develop long-term plans, set objectives
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    For our Client, international comapny from FMCG industry, food category, offer their consumer well known brands, global company, committed to sustainability, focusing on people, and areas like climate, land, with distribution their brands, products on the whole world we are looking for experienced in Modern Trade person for the Key Account Manager role.


    As a Key Account Manager in the Modern Trade channel, your role involves developing and maintaining relationships with key clients, long term planning, JBP's strategy implementation and execution. We are looking for flexible, result driven person, with hands on approach

    • Relationship Building: Cultivate strong partnerships with Modern Trade Key Clients, by understanding their needs and collaborating effectively.
    • Sales Growth: Drive sales growth through effective negotiation, promotional planning, and assortment optimization.
    • Market Insights: Analyze market trends, competitor activities, and consumer insights to identify business development opportunities.
    • Develop and execute joint business plans, to achieve mutual objectives and long-term profitability.
    • Work closely with marketing, sales department, supply chain, and finance team
    • Strategic Thinking: Develop long-term plans, set objectives, and align them with the company's goals.


    • Bachelor's degree, fluent English
    • Experience in international company from FMCG industry, min., 5 years in sales
    • You'll be responsible for driving sales, so a strong understanding of negotiation techniques, pricing strategies, and closing deals is crucial
    • You'll analyze market data, consumer behavior, and sales trends. Proficiency in Excel or other data analysis tools is beneficial
    • Balancing multiple accounts and tasks requires effective time management skills.


    • private medical care
    • life insurance
    • benefit cafeteria
    • company car
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