Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages and registration

How do I benefit from Experteer for recruiters?

Experteer is your partner for executive recruiting worldwide. Over 5 Million candidates have registered with Experteer already. Register now for free and benefit from the following:

  1. For executive search firms and in-house recruiters:

    Experteer Profile Database Experteer gives certified executive search consultants and in-house recruiters access to highly-qualified candidates looking for a new career challenge. For both groups - executive search consultants and in-house recruiters - Experteer developed two databases, independent from each other, allowing candidates to decide on having their profile visible, anonymous or locked.

    • Use Experteer`s Premium recruiting solutions to target the leading professionals worldwide.
    • The number of senior-level candidates is growing every day. These are both passive and active seekers - ideal prospects for filling the roles you are handling.
  1. For search firms, in-house recruiters and recruitment ad agencies:

    Post jobs Post your job and directly reach your target group:

    • Present your job to an audience of highly-qualified professionals and executives.
    • Receive applications from potential candidates who meet your requirements. Save time and effort in the selection process as a result.
Where can I register?

Experteer has two services:

Experteer for Candidates, the professional career service for senior-level professionals who are looking for their next career challenge and want to network with recruiters confidentially.

Corporate recruiters and search professionals register on Experteer for Recruiters.

What do the terms Executive search firm/Company at the top of the application mean? Which one should I select?

Do you work as a search professional or for an executive search firm, and have a recruiting mandate where you seek high-level candidates for roles you are handling? Then please select Executive search firm. If you are responsible for the HR department of your company, then please select Company Please choose Companyalso when you work for a recruiting agency servicing a company.

How do I become a member of Experteer for Recruiters?
  1. Registration is free of charge, you can set up your personal and company profile at
  2. We will approve your registration and activate your account within a few hours. Following the successful activation or your account, you will receive a confirmation email.
  3. You can then log in with your username and password and use Experteer immediately.
I registered on Experteer Recruiting and my registration was rejected. Why?

Experteer may however, check the registrations on Experteer Recruiting and decide in individual cases if access to Experteer is granted or not. A number of factors play a role here: for example, the general accessibility to information about a recruiting firm over their website, the business model and information about employees and partners. As Experteer is solely intended for leading professionals, the quality of the open positions and of their job description plays a major role in the decision to authorise. No claim can be made against this selection process.

Membership & Data protection

I have forgotten my password? What can I do?

You can arrange for a new password to be sent to you at any time by clicking on the following link: For security reasons you should change your new password as soon as possible in the membership area under My Account .

Can the candidates see which search firms are registered with Experteer?

Candidates on Experteer have access to a directory of headhunters registered with Experteer, which you can see here . The directory offers you the opportunity to present yourself and your company to 5,000,000 leading professionals for free and to expand your coverage and publicity. By going to My Profile you can decide whether you wish to be anonymous or visible.

What about privacy? Is my data secure with Experteer?

Experteer is particularly concerned about keeping your data secure and protected. For further information on Experteer's privacy policy, please click here . Experteer will not pass on any personal data to third parties. The only exception is the publication of your candidate profile. However, you determine whether your company is to be shown or not. All data is always transmitted via a secure SSL link. This means that nobody can access your data while it is being transmitted to us.

Access to Candidate Search

What type of access to Candidate Search does Experteer offer to recruiters?

Access for search firms:

Search firms are offered two different types of access to the Candidate Search:

  1. Standard Access Executive search consultants can source senior-level professionals from more than 1,000,000 candidate profiles for free with the Standard access to Candidate Search.
  2. Premium-Access With access to Premium Candidate Search, executive search consultants can use all advanced search features to streamline this search more efficiently.

Access for Companies:

Premium Candidate Search is available to in-house recruiters:

With the Experteer's Premium Candidate Search, in-house recruiters gain direct access to a closed network of career-oriented professionals. In-house recruiters can therefore use all advanced search features to streamline this search even better and more efficiently.

Experteer Candidate Search Standard (only Headhunters) Premium
Full-text search in candidate profiles
Full-text search in candidates' career ambitions
Precise search for expertise and keywords
Saved search and automatic alerts
Contact candidates (limited for standard)
Access to all candidate profiles
See the names of visible candidate profiles
Name of previous employer
Access to profile image
Direct comparison of multiple candidate profiles
Full-text search for target companies
Full-text search for candidate name
Access to candidates who viewed your open positions
Suggestions of fitting candidates to your open positions
Effective management of your short and long lists

Alongside Professional Solution , in-house recruiters also have the opportunity to use Premium Candidate Search. For the duration of the job posting, the in-house recruiters have access to the candidate database and they are able to search for matching candidates directly.

I am a registered member on Experteer Recruiting, and yet I don't have access to Candidate Search. Why?

The usage of Experteer Candidate Search is available to search firms and in-house recruiters only. Other registered parties are able to post jobs on Experteer, but have no access to the Candidate Search.

Which candidate profiles are search firms and in-house recruiters able to see on Experteer?

Search firms and in-house recruiters can only see those profiles that are made visible by the candidates. The candidates decide if they make their profile visible and to which recruiter group, if they want to stay anonymous, or if they set their profile as non-visible.

Have the candidates entered their profiles themselves?

Yes, all profiles that you can see in the database were entered by the respective candidates.

How much does the access to Premium Candidate Search cost?

To see the price list for Candidate Search, register here or and all one of our Business Partner Managers.

What are the notice periods?

You can cancel your membership at any time without having to adhere to notice periods. The same applies to your subscription to Premium Candidate Search, which you can also cancel at any time. You can continue to use the Premium access until the final date of your subscription and thereafter the Standard access.

Are the access costs for Premium Candidate Search tax-deductible?

If you decide to opt for Premium access, you will be sent an invoice automatically. You will then be able to declare the fee to the Inland Revenue and have it deducted from your taxes. For further details please contact your accountant.

Experteer Projects

What is Experteer Projects?

The tool for smart management of your talent pipeline. Structure potential candidates in project folders and build a reliable personal candidate pool.

How do I benefit from Experteer Projects?

With Experteer Projects you can manage your recruiting process in an efficient and straightforward way. Create an unlimited number of projects and link your projects to your current job postings. You then have the option to place suitable candidates in your project folders, assess them and assign process statuses such as ‘Candidate reviewed’ or ‘Candidate contacted’. Experteer Projects offers you a quick and easy way to contact suitable candidates and avoid "double-contacts" by documenting your contact history. You can also export candidate lists for your own use as a CSV file.

I am a registered member of Experteer Recruiting, why don't I have access to Experteer Projects?

Experteer Projects is included with Premium Candidate Search and is only available when you have subscribed to Premium Candidate Search.

Are there any additional costs associated with Experteer Projects?

No. If you already have Premium Candidate Search, Experteer Projects is automatically available.

Job Postings

Which jobs can I post on Experteer?

Experteer targets senior-level professionals. To ensure the quality of our service it is important that your posted jobs also meet the criteria of a minimum annual salary starting from € 60,000 ..

Only jobs for candidates with professional experience (no trainees) can be posted on Experteer. Also we do not accept freelance or interim roles.

What is the difference between the four types of postings on Experteer?

The Standard Posting is free of charge and you can post an unlimited number of jobs. It is only available to executive search firms. You will reach approximately 1,000,000 senior-level candidates.

The paid Premium Posting is available to search firms and in-house recruiters. You can reach 5,000,000 high caliber candidates on Experteer. Our Premium Postings reach more than 400% more candidates than Standard Postings. Furthermore, you can send an automatic email, exclusively promoting your posting, to all candidates matching your job profile. Individualised HTML/PDF/XML templates optimised for employer branding provide more exposure for your posting. Premium Posting also offers you application management tools that will streamline your executive recruiting process. We also offer you the option to automatically forward candidate applications to a website of your choice or to multiple email addresses.

The Professional Posting is available to both executive search firms and in-house recruiters. You can reach more than 5,000,000 senior-level candidates on Experteer. You also get additional reach across the web, targeting executives only via tailor-made online marketing solutions (search engine optimisation, distribution to Experteer's premium brand network, social media campaigns). Get top ranking in search results and extensive employer branding on Experteer and across the Web to optimise the visibility of your roles. Of course, you still get all the benefits of Premium Posting too.

The Professional Solution combines all the benefits of Professional Posting and Premium Candidate Search. In addition to full reach on Experteer and web-wide, you gain access to Candidate Search for the period of the job posting, for a precise targeting of high-level professionals. The Professional Solution is a paid product and it is available only to HR managers from companies that are using Experteer.

Which details should be in my job posting?

In order to process your job description quickly, it is important that it contains the following information:

  • An introductory paragraph that apart from the position it also describes the company, industry and location of the job.
  • A detailed description about the job with further information on responsibility, goals and - if relevant - staff and leadership aspects
  • Requirements of the candidates, including qualifications, professional experience and language skills
How can I view the job I have posted?

You can view the jobs you have posted at any time in the "Job posting" area. To view a specific job, simply click on the relevant title.

Which jobs would you like to see in your job overview?

You may post jobs directly on Experteer, or via our software partners (e.g., Meffert, hunter, Bitwerk), multi-posters (such as Broadbean) or simply import your own job feed. As soon as an imported job goes live, you will be able to see it in your job overview.

How do I see if the job description was imported?

In your job overview you may either filter by „imported / posted“, or you may notice the difference between the two categories due to the term imported , which is displayed any time a job offer has been imported.

Why can't I manage the imported jobs in the same way I do with jobs posted on Experteer?

The specifications of your imported jobs must be set at each import-source and you cannot manage that directly on Experteer.

Which users may view my job?

As a search firm you can opt to use the free Standard Posting service. Candidates registered with Experteer can view the jobs you have posted and apply for them. Basic users however, only have restricted access to the job database. This means if you opt for the Standard Posting you will not reach all the candidates on Experteer.

If you opt for the Premium Posting, you are guaranteed to reach all high-level candidates on Experteer, thus targeting both active and passive seekers.

The Professional Posting and Professional Solution enable you to receive not only qualified applications from the Experteer network but also from senior-level professionals targeted on the web.

Which format should my posting have?

Generally, you can copy your job postings directly from a document into the relevant form field. Should you encounter any problems, we recommend that you enter the posting in the form as plain text first, without any formatting and then format it using the tool provided.

Whether you choose Premium Posting, Professional Posting or Professional Solution, you can upload your own HTML, XML or PDF template for a customised layout. Alternatively, you can reroute to a URL of your choice where the job posting can be accessed.

How would somebody apply who is interested in a job I have posted? Via Experteer or directly?

The application is submitted via Experteer but is forwarded to you directly. This way we can show you how often your jobs have been viewed and how many candidates have already applied in the overview of jobs you have posted.

Why do the job advertisements I have posted look different to those from other companies?

Postings published on Experteer can be formatted in several different ways. The job posting can be posted in a standard layout, or in a customised layout (by uploading your own HTML, XML or PDF template) or rerouting to a URL of your choice. The options are dependent on which posting service you opt for on Experteer. Standard Postings always appear in the Experteer standardised layout. Premium Postings, Professional Postings and the Professional Solution allow you to upload both your company logo and individualised CI templates (HTML, XML, PDF) for increased employer branding (search firms have this option only with Professional Posting).

Experteer also lists jobs from company websites which fit the criteria for executives. This saves time for our members when searching on the Internet. We make these jobs accessible by posting a deep link to the website of the company with the open position. Experteer has no influence on how individual jobs are posted on the external company websites.

Can I delete or amend my job posting at any time?

Yes, you can deactivate, change or delete the job you have posted at any time.

Why do I have to specify a target salary for a job posting?

Experteer focuses on the job market of highly qualified professionals starting at € 60,000 desired salary. The service permanently selects the best positions from the open job market and as a virtual career delivery service makes them accessible via search or matching email.

In order to satisfy this basic principle and offer an optimal service to our members, it is essential that you provide a salary benchmark. As a recruiter, when entering your open position you can decide yourself whether or not your salary benchmark is to be shown in the search.

Can I post my job anonymously?

Yes, when entering your or your client's job posting, you are given the opportunity to hide your client's company name.

How long will my job posting be advertised?
  1. Recruitment companies:

    When publishing a job, you have to define the period that it should be online and available on Experteer. Premium Postings can be published for up to 70 days, with the additional option of choosing an unlimited time-frame. The Professional Posting option means that your job will be published for 30 days and will automatically expire after this date. Standard Postings can only be published for up to 42 days. The job will automatically expire after this date.

  2. For In-house Recruiters and Recruitment Advertising Agencies:

    Premium Posting, Professional Posting and Professional Solution are published each for 30 days and will automatically expire after this period. However, you always have the option to publish the job again for a further 30 days.

Why is the Standard Posting only available to search firms?

At Experteer we offer different services for search firms and in-house recruiters. Our Standard Posting service is there to support search firms with their search and selection process. For in-house recruiters we know that the Premium Posting service delivers the best results in finding senior-level talent, thus we only offer the best service available.

Experteer Analytics

How do I benefit from Experteer Analytics?

Analytics is an analysis tool that boosts the efficiency of your direct search of senior-level professionals. By using it you can identify market trends in executive recruiting and benchmark the candidates' readiness for a career change by comparing industries and companies. Analytics helps you for instance to analyze the high-end labor market of an industry over time, segmented by countries and companies, and to anticipate possible changes in the career behavior of senior-level professionals within industries or entire segments.

What is the source of the data on Analytics?

The data is based on historical, as well as actual data of candidates on Experteer.

How does Experteer ensure data security?

The confidentiality of candidate data has great value for Experteer. No data is made available without prior approval from the candidates' side.

Why can't I view any data for my company?

Unfortunately, in this case the data about your company is too little. However, you can get valuable information by making an industry comparison.

Technical Information

What are the system requirements?

In order to optimally experience the Experteer service, you should use one of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge: current versions
  • Firefox: current versions
  • Chrome: current versions
  • Safari: 5.1 and higher

Other standard browsers should work too, but they have not been verified by us.

It is also essential that JavaScript and cookies are activated in your browser settings. You can find these settings in Microsoft Internet Explorer under "Tools => Internet Options => Security => Default Level" or in Firefox under "Tools => Options => Privacy => Cookies" or "Tools => Options => Content".