We always use Premium postings, which allow us to maximise all of the advantages Experteer has to offer. This way, the job offer achieves maximum visibility.

Oriol Cuenca, founding partner of Proarcai

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Case Study Experteer


Proarcai Management Consulting provides human resources and management consultancy services. With locations in Barcelona, Madrid and Eindhoven (Holland), the company employs people-focused work methods and high-quality customer service to carry out selection processes for middle management and executive roles. Proarcai is driven by a philosophy that, first and foremost, seeks to understand the business model of its clients in order to provide the right solution for their staffing requirements. This is the cornerstone of Proarcai: searching for and identifying talent.

The Proarcai team consists of 8 consultants internationally, all of whom possess extensive professional experience in executive search and human resources.

Experteer provides Proarcai with the perfect solution for its recruitment needs

In an effort to target high-profile candidates and adapt to new trends in the recruitment market, Proarcai decided to partner with Experteer in April 2010 to carry out its selection processes. Oriol Cuenca, founding partner of Proarcai said: We always use Premium postings, which allow us to maximize all of the advantages Experteer has to offer. This ensures that the job offer achieves maximum visibility and is handled with particular relevance through better positioning on the website and in newsletters. Furthermore, offers are open to all Experteer candidates and our own; we want to ensure that the maximum number of Basic candidates have the opportunity to submit their applications."

A success story: sourcing a managing director for a leading technology company

In January 2011, Proarcai was assigned with the task of finding the next managing director of a leading technology company. To do this, Proarcai published a description of the position on Experteer. The offer was also published on their own corporate website and on the professional network LinkedIn. In addition to locating active candidates via these sources, Proarcai identified candidates in its proprietary database.

Proarcai made the first selection and prepared a short-list of five candidates, one of whom was found through Experteer. The selection process moved forward and only two candidates made it to the final selection phase. Receiving advice from Proarcai throughout the process, the client finally selected the ideal candidate, who joined as the current managing director of the company. The successful candidate had heard of the vacancy and submitted their application through Experteer.

Experteer helps speed up the selection process, while reducing costs and ensuring high-quality standards

Traditional publication methods – such as print media – have become obsolete due to high costs and slow processes, Cuenca commented. Others, such as professional networks, do not guarantee the high-quality candidates that Experteer does. So, for this reason, Proarcai continues to use Experteer to publish our offers. We would not hesitate to recommend Experteer to professionals whose philosophy is based on customer service and quality.

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